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2 Bot path problems on Rooftops

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2 Bot path problems on Rooftops

Post by Agera » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:16 pm

On the original rooftops map, I've seen 2 consistent problems.

1. Bots will run off the right side of the map and die when on the ground floor of the right building. The don't wait for the far right elevator at all, they will often just stroll off to their death, even in the middle of melee fights.

2. Bots get spastic when waiting for the middle elevator or when riding on it. They constantly jump, rapidly changing between facing left and right. This often results in them getting stuck spazzing out, missing the elevator and dying, or falling off the elevator if they do get on it. It looks very similar to how they would get stuck by the portals on Helipad before the path grid for Helipad was adjusted for 1.2.0
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