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Bows Working With Boosts

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Bows Working With Boosts

Post by hyper copter » Sun May 19, 2019 9:56 pm

Since bows rely on human body strength and agility, I thought that bows could have an advantage of boosts.
So there is a suggestion I have: Bows working with strength and speed boosts.


When the strength boost is in effect, You charge the bow and shoot the arrow harder. Which means that the arrow becomes faster.
  • Which also means that the arrow will reach longer distances. (Increased range and decreased gravitation {Projectile falling})
  • The arrow hits objects and players at a faster speed. Which means that they're gonna go inside deeper. (Increased player damage & object damage, Explosive objects like jerry cans & explosive barrels receive damage, Which might make them explode or almost explode, A single arrow will make explosive barrels almost explode {Enter that dim state where an object is about to break.}, But it will instantly explode jerry cans.)

Simply, Increased speed means that you're going to shoot faster when it comes to bows since bows rely on agility.
  • You can quickly grab an arrow and charge it in the bow, Shoot it & grab another one in a very short time. (Increased fire rate)
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