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Return bodies interaction to what it was before

Give us your input on how we may improve the game in future versions.
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Return bodies interaction to what it was before

Post by Noble » Wed Jun 26, 2019 6:12 am

I probably posted this before, I'm not sure, couldn't find.

I really think something should be made about this, bodies (dead or alive) keep knocking down people even with the most delicate movement possible.
It surely isn't easy to solve hitbox bugs, to tweak the melee and game consistency here and there or to be accurate with the falling velocity, but can't this simply return to what it used to be in previous versions? It was perfect, a player would need to fall from a really high place to hit you falling back ago, why was that changed?
It is not something that the game should really be realistic. The easier you keep falling and tripping around the cheaper and more frustrating the gameplay becomes, it's something we should avoid in this game, and this one modification downgraded it to a big extent, it's a lot inconsistent and a lot of times you're knocked down don't even make sense, it even looks like the hitbox enlarged.

[I didn't record or took a screenshot for this post, I'll do if requested]

Edit: You were able to counter dives by hitting them directly before, it was smoothy but now even that is also a risk since you can get knocked down by the falling body.
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