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Read before posting an idea or suggestion

Give us your input on how we may improve the game in future versions.
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Read before posting an idea or suggestion

Post by Gurt » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:50 pm

Some additional rules before you post an idea or suggestion.

If you want to post a custume idea or some other wearable item you would like to see in Superfighters Deluxe then skip to this thread.

Do not make wishlists.
Do not post a list over things you want in the game in form of a wishlist. Instead split up your suggestions/ideas into individual posts that everyone can see and discuss about ( :!: with a descriptive title!). This is to make each topic more focused about one specific idea or suggestion.
Exception being wearable items (see above) and very small suggestions (see next rule).
Severity: Topic will be removed and you will get a warning.

Keep small suggestions into the small suggestions thread.
Small suggestions tend to be wishlists more or less - such as slight adjustments or small change that would otherwise be too big for its own topic. Keep these kind of things to the small suggestion thread.

- A small idea is something like a new color for a certain item, a new clothing item, perhaps a new sound effect, a new shadow tile, a new foreground tile, a new background tile. Something that involves just adding content (and not adding new features).

- A non-small idea which should be in it's own topic is typically something that doesn't exist in SFD yet. It can be a new weapon, a new trigger, a new mechanic in the game, a change in existing mechanics like the melee system and movement system or a completely new system.

Sell us your idea.
Presentation is everything. Try to word your idea so that you know and you are confident about what you're suggesting.
Give a short reason why your idea should be included in the game. Does it give any specific benefits to the gameplay worth mentioning? If you're suggestion a new item, what makes this item stand out in SFD?

We care little to nothing about if you write it as a wishlist that you want "more guns and a car". That's not specific enough for us. We have plenty of guns in the game already and what exactly would "a car" mean? We already have a car in the map "Mall" for example.

Constructive Criticism not Destructive
Critics should not destroy an idea based off of opinion on the matter.

Hey, I really don't like your idea of implementing killstreaks into SFD, it just doesn't fit the game.

Why would you even consider Killstreaks, it would ruin the game completely. You're an idiot for thinking killstreaks would work.

Severity: Critics disobeying will be issued a warning.
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