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[Tz] The Tasty

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Joined: Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:41 am
SFD Account: tilt56

[Tz] The Tasty

Post by tilt56 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:53 am

Be Nice

The Tasty started out as just a server name, but quickly grew to something much more. We pride ourselves for being the nicest people around while also being very good.

Every Tasty must wear his or her [Tz] tag. They must not be in any other clans. Every Tasty must not be toxic and may never say things such as "ez" or "noob".

How to get in
Every Tasty must 1v1 tilt56(SgtMaj Boo) out of 20 rounds. Here is the chart to get in based on ping

Wins | total | Ping
8 | 20 | 0-99
7 | 20 | 100-199
6 | 20 | 200-299
5 | 20 | 300-399
4 | 20 | 400+

You may have multiple tries if you fail, you can come back and try again later.

Current Tasties:

tilt56 : SgtMaj Boo
( leader )

Nebraska4 : Nebraskee

Puffles : Bo

CheesyPuffs : Karasu

iloveprono : Baby<3

RaveMan : Human

If you would like to try out, then contact a head tasty.
tilt56#6666 : Nebraska4#8520
You can also find us on our discord server:
3 x

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