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Read before posting any problem related to running SFD

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Read before posting any problem related to running SFD

Post by Gurt » Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:49 pm

Some additional rules before you post a problem related to running SFD.

First see ... ?f=10&t=10 if you can't start Superfighters Deluxe.

Do a search before and see if anyone has already reported the problem you're about to post.
If you have a problem related to port forwarding or players not joining see ... m.php?f=27 first.
If a topic already exist about your problem then try to contribute with new or additional information about the problem.

If you're the first one to post the problem then be descriptive in the title.
Based on the title it should be clear what the problem is about or related to. Don't make other people guess what your topic is about.
Bad topic names: "Problem", "Can't play", "Launcher problem".
Good topic names: "Problem starting the launcher on MAC", "Game won't start from the launcher", "Can't host, port already in use"

If you want help then you need to help us by giving us required information that might help if requested. Never give away passwords - we do not ask for such things!
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