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Minigame map mg_fun

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Minigame map mg_fun

Post by UnluckyNinja » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:35 am

Unfinished map. Was planned to have 8 subgame but only 2 implemented. Too ambitious to make it done. Possibly will never be finished.

It has 2 minigame: Pirate War and Accurate Grenade Thrower.
The mechanics is like CSGO minigame server. All player first are racing to be the chooser, then the winner choose which game to play.
Both two game is of "Last man standing" winning rule.
The two button in the lobby will spawn a pillow beneath.
Players' damage are set to 0 in lobby.
Each piece of script was test a lot when editing. Whole session wasn't.
Bug report is welcome.

Screenshot(editor view):

Download version alpha1: ... UtfVnJQMnM
Submission at was removed without any explanation. So google drive link provided here.
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