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Rules updated to combat unwanted behavior in the forum

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Rules updated to combat unwanted behavior in the forum

Post by Gurt » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:30 pm

The rules have been updated to battle unwanted behavior in the forum. If you're too lazy to navigate to the rules section and read through it again this is the core content of the rule change:
 ! Message from: Rule 3
3: Don't hurt, harass or provoke other forum members or people.
Do not post comments whose intent is to hurt, attack, harass or otherwise provoke other forum members or people or comments that can be interpreted as such. This also includes calling players out for in-game behaviour such as hosts kicking you in games, players constantly killing you in games or players behaving badly.
This also extends to linked content and other sites.
Posts that are just meant to harm, and people who engage in that behaviour, have no place in this forum.
Severity: you may get a warning or permanently banned without warning depending on the severity of the post
I have gone through all clan topics and made cleanups. Some clan topics were affected more than others. No warnings have been issued as this rule wasn't in place until now.

Depending on your previously warnings and current comments here on the forum you MAY GET PERMANENTLY BANNED WITHOUT WARNING!!! I will keep a much closer eye on the clan section from now on and I will not be forgiving if you break the rules. People who engage in hurtful behaviour have no place in this forum and the banhammer is ready to be used.

If you see any comments breaking the rule please use the report feature. If I notice someone using it correctly over time you may get asked to be a moderator here on the forum.

This is nothing we should need to spend time on but likewise something we're forced to spend time on. Makes us developers a bit sad.
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