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Introducing the Discord Server for Content Creators!

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Introducing the Discord Server for Content Creators!

Post by Odex64 » Sun May 17, 2020 7:51 pm

I'm glad to introduce our Discord Server reserved to Map Makers & Scripters!
About us: this server has been private for some years, and the only way to join was being secretly invited by someone. This server was (and it's still used) to help players making maps or scripts, argue about new updates, and give ideas for new creations; but nowadays we have finally decided to make it public and let as many content creators join it!

Our server has highly skilled scripters such as @Motto73, @ebomb09, @Danger Ross and creators of amazing maps like @Shock, @Rrreeembooo (and many more..).

Why make it public?
Since the creation of this server the purpose was making a great community of Content Creators who could get help whenever they faced difficulties, or just wanted to lend a hand. We kept it private in order to let only the "best" players in. But since new map makers/scripters are increasing we gave to everyone the opportunity to join, so they can improve, get help, and ask some tips to the most skilled players.

Discord Link:
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