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[REQUEST] Finishg my Tournament Script :D

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Title: Hello there1
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[REQUEST] Finishg my Tournament Script :D

Post by DaxOttsel » Sat Jan 30, 2021 11:47 pm

Hi guys! I don't know any scripting my self, but I have been working with an amazing scripter named JakSparrow on Discord, and he's done pretty much everything I needed but there's still some things to finish in my Tournament script, and he's busy. So here is the deal, I want a script that will handle tournaments automatically by doing all this:

1 - There are 8 players or less in the game playing normally, when the match ends it will display a screen with the score of each individual player. This score is calculated by the players kills divided by the players death so its K/D and that's the score. (This part is already done and finished)

2 - After a specific amount of rounds (it depends on the map rotation) maybe 3, or 5, or whatever, it will automatically kick out of the tournament the player that has the lower score. So if your K/D average is the lowest you are disqualified from the tournament, and you should go into Spectator mode, so you can't play anymore only watch. This is the part that needs work, because currently in the script it doesn't put the players into spectator mode, it only kicks them out of the tournament. I don't want the script to kick them, i wanted them to be locked in spectator mode.

3 - When there's only 2 players left in the entire game it should set the match to "Best out of 10" and who ever wins the best of 10 will win the tournament. This part is not done at all, it needs to be fully added into the script.

So, you guys think you can help me? I sure hope so, we're really close to finishing the script and I would love to have it done finally. If anyone is interested in helping please DM me, and we can work on it.
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Title: Wasted potential
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Post by Mighty Spirit the 2 » Sat Feb 06, 2021 10:05 pm

I can't script either, but i just want to say that i support the idea of this script.
I would probably run a modified version of it in my own competitive Server.
A Kill/Death ratio is something the game has needed for a long time, instead of a win/loss ratio which assigns you a number that means nothing to give people a false sense of pride, even though it doesn't represent your skill level at all. I've seen so many people camping or running cause they would rather not fight to loose hp, in order to secure a "win" its sad really. Even just constantly running away to prevent people from scoring wins. Is this SuperRunners deluxe or what?

Also i would probably kick out the 2 people with the least K/D ratio after 20 rounds or smth. So they can be replaced by others.
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