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[REQUEST] Script for custom weapon spawn chances + Ban some SupplyCrates

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[REQUEST] Script for custom weapon spawn chances + Ban some SupplyCrates

Post by Mighty Spirit the 2 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:19 pm

Simply put I need a script that can tweak the weapon spawn chances of weapons to my custom liking. Sure i could go into each and every map and tweak every single weapon spawn chance again and again, but that's honestly gonna take 1 hour probably. I already have a script to disable certain items from spawning, so i thought why not add to it and make a script that lets us tweak the spawn chance of remaining weapons.
There's also another problem i have, and which I'm sure other people that use scripts like this
Script that automatically replaces certain weapon/item spawns with other items/weapons"
(general description) That's what these scripts tend to do. Problem is that the other item/weapons that spawn then spawn excessively. In my server way too much hp and grenades tend to spawn, too many knives too and GL seems too common for my liking. I need a way to control this pollution over spawning.
There's another thing i'd like to happen. Be able to disable certain supply Crates from spawning entirely, like the blue ones and the question mark ones.
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