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Beta 1.0.2 is out!

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Beta 1.0.2 is out!

Post by Hjarpe » Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:21 pm

* You will now be able to automatically choose all versus maps, all survival maps, and so on under Map Category.
* A server running a survival map will restart the map if all players leave the game.
* When a server auto-restarts it will retain its window state (system tray, etc.)
* Fixed a bug where the score would sometimes reset when changing between different maps saved with different versions of the game.
* Score is no longer reset when changing between "custom" and "versus" type maps. Score is only reset when changing from "survival" to "versus/custom" type maps and vice-versa.
* Fixed a bug where the server would sometimes display the text ID in the chat instead of the actual text.
* Fixed a bug where the background parts of elevators blocked explosions.
* Other fixes and tweaks.

Edit: Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0.2b is out!
* Fixed a bug where dialogues could get stuck when joining a game.
* Many other fixes and tweaks.

Edit: Superfighters Deluxe Beta 1.0.2c is out!
* Prevented line breaks from being usable in the chat.
* The server system tray icon tooltip now displays the server name.
* Fixed a bug where multiple servers would show the same memory usage.
* Loading a malformed .sfdm file will no longer crash the game - instead an empty backup map will be used.
* Fixed a few crashes when trying to start and stop extension scripts from other extension scripts.
* Fixed a crash when trying to duplicate a group marker while editing a group.
* Other fixes and tweaks.
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