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Extinguish 'downloaded maps'

Give us your input on how we may improve the game in future versions.
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Extinguish 'downloaded maps'

Post by Noble » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:50 pm

I feel like the difference between Custom and Downloaded maps were never supposed to exist, but seemed a sensible spot to touch for me before. After this update this would annoy me even more (I wasn't able to update yet, excuse me if this is a changed feature), I honestly think it is only disadvantageous placing a map file in the Downloaded folder - you are only not able to customize it, and the maps structure would be more easily changeable and organized after this reelaboration.

I know why they are there, they are probably for separating maps made by the user and maps that were downloaded outsidely, but it's still useless, all maps should be customizable, if I want to edit a map I downloaded, it will be only a workout to me and a waste of time to change its placement.

In addition to this above, the way the Map Rotation lists are being constructed is letting me doubtful, it's weird and not intuitive (it's not supposed to be, but this could be more simplistic, it would be better). There are a lot of ways to make that. In the future, the maps are going to be all well categorized, I guess. The maps made in Survival, Versus modes, the Officials, etc, they don't even need to separate. That's kinda a paradox the game will need to surpass later, multiplying wanted maps in folders is what I'm talking about, won't this be necessary to be changeable in-game in the future?

Well, what I'm trying to point out is, this is how it actually is:


This is a way I just improvised now that would be somewhat simpler:

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Post by Gurt » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:58 pm


Maps saved in the editor can be saved directly in the downloaded folder if you want or any sub folder but it suggest the custom folder by default. You can also open any map in the downloaded folder or sub folders since Alpha 1.3.4c.

Creating your own map rotation list is an "advanced feature" for dedicated hosts. Placing all maps you want to rotate through in a separate folder should be easy enough and you don't have to use some clumsy in-game GUI to arrange your maps. The next update will also introduce some specialized standard map categories such as "All versus maps" and "All maps" making this system simple enough for the ordinary user that might download a few maps from time to time.
multiplying wanted maps in folders is what I'm talking about
It's really up to you how you want to order your maps. Do you want to keep multiple copies of one map in several different folders or should you perhaps re-order your lists? We lack the ability to directly point to a single map in a rotation list as described in one of the linked topics but that's most likely to be included in the next update if we get time.

In the end you will have to track and maintain whatever map structure and rotation lists you want to create if "All versus maps" won't be sufficient enough.

Official maps lies in the core content of SFD and shouldn't be modified.
Double-klicking on a .sfdm file will place it in the downloaded folder to separate it from your own maps made in the editor.
Saving a new map in the editor suggests you to save it in the custom folder but it's not mandatory and you can change it.
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