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Changing Survival Opposition And Different Survival Modes

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Changing Survival Opposition And Different Survival Modes

Post by StarNord » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:37 pm

The first survival map was about zombies but i don't think every survival map has to be zombie themed, there could be other survivals with different and unique enemy types that come in different types of waves.

Enemy types could include:

Law Enforcement and Military: like police, S.W.A.T team and agents using military equipment like assault rifles and won't use old-fashioned weapons like tommyguns.

Gangs and Mobs: Local gangs that'll use the aforementioned old fashioned-weapons like tommyguns and revolvers (to match the hollywoodian style SFD is no doubt going for) with military weapons being reserved for gang leaders and mob bosses.

Instead of being waves of enemies increasing in number, they could increase in difficulty and usually stay around the same number like it was in the old SF and because of this it will be limited to 1 or 2 survivors (local or online co-op for those who like to duo) with an additional singleplayer mode for the lone wolves, this could also mean that a leaderboard can be implemented for those who have a knack for record-breaking and also for those who want to see how good their friends are.

The ability to switch between oppositions on the same map where a map will look different depending on what opposition you chose like Jo's Bar being run-down if you chose zombies or the Bar being heavily barricaded in preparation of a last stand if you chose law enforcement etc... But with slight changes so that it doesn't come across as lazy, for example: the windows being extra hard to break or maybe an entire section being completely destroyed as the waves go on, destruction could be caused to distinguish a boss, player inflicted and so on...

Each opposition type could come with a cheesy catchphrase that would be displayed in the form of a poster at the loading screens like this

Jo's bar on zombies: Just When You Thought The Night Couldn't Get Any Wilder...

Jo's bar on gangs: A Drink A Day Won't Keep The Collectors Away. (I could've made em' cheesier but i held back)
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