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All SFD Loading-screen Tips

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Title: [happy moth noises]
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All SFD Loading-screen Tips

Post by KliPeH » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:16 am

The continuous appearance of loading screens between the rounds has always been useful to us. It has given us moments of silence and peace among the sounds of explosions and gunfire, it has given us room to exercise and wiggle around before the nerve-wrecking brawls of upcoming matches, it has helped us sustain ourselves - giving us just enough time to take a small sip of whatever beverage we were drinking or small bite of whatever food we were eating. Loading screens have shown us victories and defeats, team match-ups and upcoming rivalries, expected play performance measured by the strength of our connection, and crucial information about the rest of the players in the lobby.

Loading screens have also extended our knowledge of game mechanics and ways to examine situations or engage foes. The tips granting us this knowledge have also attempted to bring self-awareness to the SFD community by making fun of various tendencies, complaints, habits, common situations or common styles of play among its players. I was looking at the Language_default.xml file the other day and came across those tips, and wondered how come nobody made a list of them just yet. I searched the forum and found no thread/post listing all the tips the game features so I decided to create a thread of my own.

Without further ado, here are all the tips currently in the game as of Beta v1.3.0e:
  • Tip #1 - 'Always mind your surroundings.'
              - Old superfighter saying.
  • Tip #2 - When on fire, roll on the ground to put yourself out. You may need to do it multiple times.
  • Tip #3 - Always mind your surroundings. There are many dangers on each level, try to use them to your advantage.
  • Tip #4 - You can shoot through thin platforms, tin roofs and most small objects.
  • Tip #5 - 'A superfighter never complains, but fights better the next time.'
              - Old superfighter saying.
  • Tip #6 - Powerful guns like the magnum and sniper rifle can shoot through many weaker objects.
  • Tip #7 - While sliding down a ladder, you will knock anyone immediately below you off the ladder.
  • Tip #8 - Jump attacks are more powerful on the way down.
  • Tip #9 - 'No pity for those who pity themselves.'
               - Old superfighter saying.
  • Tip #10 - The jump kick is useful for knocking enemies back, but leaves you vulnerable after you land.
  • Tip #11 - Dodging bullets by rolling or diving has a small chance of failure. Bigger projectiles like flares and rockets can't be dodged at all.
  • Tip #12 - When hit directly by a bazooka rocket, you will ride the rocket! Press [Left] and [Right] to steer.
  • Tip #13 - 'He who fights fair does not live long.'
                - Old superfighter saying.
  • Tip #14 - You won't take fall damage when diving, no matter how far you fall.
  • Tip #15 - Objects like chairs, bottles and cue sticks can be used as temporary weapons. They cannot be sheathed and break in a few hits.
  • Tip #16 - When you activate the slow motion powerup, you get a small speed boost compared to others.
  • Tip #17 - 'There are many ways to break an egg.'
                - Old superfighter saying.
  • Tip #18 - Use fire and explosives to flush enemies out of cover.
  • Tip #19 - Sometimes chasing an enemy is not the best approach. Know when to attack and when to go on the defensive.
  • Tip #20 - You can shoot past teammates when standing very close to them.
  • Tip #21 - 'Don't talk when there is fighting to be done.'
                - Old superfighter saying
  • Tip #22 - Melee attacks will disarm enemies in certain situations, like when they are drawing or aiming their weapon.
  • Tip #23 - You can catch enemies by diving into them.
  • Tip #24 - Melee weapons let you block bullets with a perfectly timed block or attack. Metal weapons can even reflect bullets.
  • Tip #25 - 'A good fight is its own reward.
                - Old superfighter saying.
  • Tip #26 - Don't hurt your teammates! They are immune to your melee attacks but nothing else.
  • Tip #27 - You can cycle through these tips by pressing + and -.
  • Tip #28 - A grenade or mine might be a dud. They will detonate when shot though.
  • Tip #29 - You can ignore a player's messages by typing /ignore [player name] in the chat.
  • Tip #30 - When holding any weapon, press [Drop] to enter throwing mode. You can also drop the weapon by holding [Drop].
  • Tip #31 - When blocking a thrown weapon, you will catch it if you don't already have a weapon in that slot.
  • Tip #32 - You can cancel a throw by pressing the sheathe key ([Sheathe]). Doesn't work on primed explosives (grenades, molotovs or mines) however.
  • Tip #33 - You can grab corpses by pressing [Grab] and holding down [Down].
Let's hope this list helps newer players actually read what the tips say (the game never takes long to load and so reading them might prove difficult at times) and maybe even introduce new ones they haven't seen just yet.
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Post by MOOADAM » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:05 am

tip 21 and Tip are clearly some tips that need more attention!

Also did some of the tips get added over time because I didn't know you could sheathe weapons like in Tip 32 until JUST NOW
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Del Poncho
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Post by Del Poncho » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:41 am

KliPeH wrote:
Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:16 am
  • Tip #21 - 'Don't talk when there is fighting to be done.'
                 - Old superfighter saying
-"When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk."
Tuco from The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
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Title: Overly White Min
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Post by Minion222 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:09 pm

For all those servers with the ridiculous player made rules like, No Grab, Only Melee, No Bazookas,

Just listen to tip 13 and fight the way the game intends you to!
KliPeH wrote:
Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:16 am
Tip #13 - 'He who fights fair does not live long.'
            - Old superfighter saying.
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Super Fighters Deluxe It's all about Fights n' Maps... And all the good chaps! :lol:

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