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DestroyNode tile rework for allowing other forms of damage

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DestroyNode tile rework for allowing other forms of damage

Post by JakSparro98 » Thu May 16, 2019 5:43 pm

The last campaign map "Operation Sunrise" came out with a brand new damageable invisible tile, the DestroyNode, that can break only with explosions, after a past analysis made here and here I think it's time for a more elaborate discussion about adding some kind of breakable invisible tiles for melee, projectiles and fire damage too.

The first thought was a way for selecting the type of damage it will accept (melee, projectiles, explosions, all of them), more or less similar to the drop down menu for area triggers when choosing which category of object the trigger can be triggered by, along with a Boolean field to determine if the tile can burn or not.

Another important aspect is the ability to set an amount of health before it breaks, I guess the DestroyNode we have in 1.2.0 is hard coded to be destroyed if in "sight" of the explosion radius, regardless the explosion distance from its origin. Since I don't know whether handling dynamic max health for game objects is something easily achievable, as alternative it could be have an arbitrary value (something like 300 should be enough for all kind of purposes) and then alter it's current value via script.

Last but not least, the ability to drag a 4 by 4 tile in both width and height and to chose the terminate type, how the tile will behave when destroyed (silently removed or playing breaking sounds and particles).

As always, discuss other improvements and thoughts relative of how would you like to see this "more comprehensive" invisible breakable tile.
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