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Nerfing drones

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Nerfing drones

Post by L+m3x7+_+755AU » Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:27 pm

Please consider this in your last update - they are overpowered and hurt our gameplay to much (thank you Devs for all of your work, but drones in its current state are very disliked and many players share my opinion)


1. Ingame I see that they most of the time eat up 70% of your life when they are involved (you also have to concentrate on other opponents!)

2. It is "buggy" how they move at the ceiling and hard to deal with - your entire Rifle Ammo is needed to kill one of those (probably also Pistolammo) - if you have none, you are screwed (forget Melee in this situation).

Suggestion: reducing their health drastically (recommended) or lessen bullet damage

Please do it :) (playing without them on Blurrys/Mulefires is wished from many players (I was also asked to start a petition for disabling drones on blurrys).

Who agrees in the comments?
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Post by Rada » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:48 pm

I agree with this topic, there should be at least an easier way to take care of these drones. The impression I have gotten when playing on Blurry's is that almost everyone wants them to only be part of the campaigns. I know that you have already lowered streetsweeper spawn chance, but I think they should have even lower chance to spawn on versus maps in my opinion.
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Post by NTN9 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:00 pm

Also, why they have unlimited ammo?
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Post by Mighty Spirit the 2 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:22 pm

I'm gonna add a little more then i wrote on the Steam discussion:
"I hate drones.
I don't hate the idea of drones, i didn't expect drones in this game, but the idea as a small pickup assistant was intriguing.
I would have imagined drones to be like 5x smaller then the current drone, a small device that you could find in one of those blue airdrops. Encapseled in a metall shell, much like a C4. If you needed help in a difficult situation you would activate it, deploying a small assistant that would not chase after other players (that way they don't all gang up on one victim), but stay by your side, hovering over your shoulder shooting out small burst of ammunition towards a enemy that was pinning you down with gunfire. With each quick burst of coverfire you could jump over barrels or move a small stretch in the open, until you reach new cover. The drone would alse have been time activated, thus you could choose when to bring out the little helper, and be destroyed from sufficient damage. When you aim at an enemy the drone would also aim the same way. Also no fire drones, that thing is OP. Or maybe the fire drone could set up a small perimeter around you incinerating anyone approaching you in a small radius (optional). This would have given drones a tactical edge in the game.

Currently the drones don't innovate with any new tactics or fun into the game.
It's whoever has the most stamina to sprint to a drone box, and then everyone else seeks cover. Having to deal with 2 or 3 drones at the same time is guaranteed to prove extremely fatal.
They get repetetive, have no limits and can even fly through solid objects (like wtf). As the drones are now, i would suggest a total overhaul of the drone, simply because nerfing them even more seems like going too far. Mythologic already tried nerfing them in the previous update, as we can see this does not help. (how do you nerf fire?). Another thing is to make them easier to disable in the settings as an option, just by flicking a switch. (My preferred option, in the current state drones are.)
Now that they are a feature in the game it's better to just disable them i think (The way they are now). So no nerf, outright remove from versus or make them extremely rare. I'm aware that the drones play a role in the campaign, but i think for versus you would need a totally different style of drone then the one we find there (like the one above, for a more tactical gameplay). I know the game is supposed to be chaotic and fun, but drones don't add to the chaos in a positive way, they just ruin everyones fun.

Maybe you could start a petition to disable them on Blurrys? I'm sure a lot of players would be happy." (Including me, first to sign).
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Post by Scout[tf2] » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:19 pm

They are ok, Im not saying that they are "fun" to fight against but nerfing them more is pointless.
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Post by mgtr14 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:05 pm

I dislike drones because they're floating, somewhat erratic aimbots that have a surprising amount of HP. With their infinite ammo and somewhat inconsistent firing times, you'll definitely get hit and take some damage. This all happens while your opponent fucks off or engages you.
In an open map, they could fly high above and be hard to hit while they rain bullets on you. The flamethrower ones are bearable, but they can also be used as distractions while the enemy moves up on you.

This is just another feature that makes people haul ass, and what's the fun in that? I'm just here to fight, not to have to run away or camp every round. I'd disable them in versus if I could.
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