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Read before posting any found bug or problem

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Read before posting any found bug or problem

Post by Gurt » Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:03 pm

Some additional rules before you post a bug or problem topic.

Do a search before and see if anyone has already reported the bug or problem you're about to post.
If a topic about the bug already exist then you can contribute with new or additional information if suitable.

When reporting a bug make sure to follow this list of details to help us identify and solve it:
  • Be descriptive (both title and body). Tell us step by step what you did to reproduce it.
  • a description on how to reproduce the bug.
  • a video showcasing the bug if possible. If longer than 1 minute please provide a timestamp where the bug occur.
  • or any other relevant information.
  • If the bug is related to custom map-making then include a download link to the map illustrating the problem.
    The map should be bare-bone - only include what's necessary in the map to illustrate the problem.
  • You should also include which version of SFD you discovered the bug.
    "Pre-Alpha 1.8.8" or "prealpha 1.8.8" for example. Add this info at the top or bottom of the topic.
If you're the first one to post the bug then be descriptive in the title.
Based on the title it should be clear what the bug or problem is about or related to. Don't make other people guess what your topic is about.
Bad topic names: "Bug", "Gurt's bug", "A bug I found", "Another bug", "I found a bug", "Wrong hitbox", "Strange stuff happens".
Good topic names: "Double tap aim button will aim multiple times", "Incorrect melee hitboxes after jumping", "fast grenades going through objects".

Do not make compilation topics.
While this is a general forum rule it's worth mentioning again. Keep each bug separate. I do not want a compilation topic covering all your specific findings. It gets cluttered and hard for me and others to keep track on things.

Do not make wish lists as bug reports.
If you think something is unfair or in need of change in the game to not bring it up as a bug report saying "please change this and that". Instead create a suggestions topic in the suggestion forum about what you want to change and why you want to change it.

Breaking any of these additional rules will get you a warning. Your post might also get edited, removed, locked or deleted.

If the topic is already in the Solved section you do not need to contribute with additional details. The fix will be available in the next update or is already out in the current update. :!: However, certain bugs might appear again as we change or update other parts of SFD. So if you notice a bug that should have been solved some updates ago then post it as a new bug in the Problems and Bugs category and link to the already solved bug topic. Don't forget to add which version you found the bug in as that helps us track these kind of things.

When a bug is reported it will be in the Problems and Bugs section until I have verified that it is a bug in SFD's code/data. The bug will then be moved to the Verified Bugs sub-forum. Once solved it will be moved to the Solved sub-forum.
If the bug is by design it will be moved to the By design sub-forum.
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