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Superfighters Deluxe technical troubleshooting FAQ

Having trouble running SFD? This is the place to get help and report errors.
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Superfighters Deluxe technical troubleshooting FAQ

Post by Gurt » Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:25 am

Superfighters Deluxe technical troubleshooting FAQ.
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I can't start multiple servers and the game at the same time - "application is already running"

Starting the server or game through Steam directly only allows for one instance to be running at the same time or you will get the message "application is already running".

Solution: Go to your installation folder for the game and start "Superfighters Deluxe Server.exe" directly and it will gladly start without Steam. Then you can start the game normally through Steam.
To join your own game the quickest way is to use "Connect to IP" with localhost "".
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I want a different config file for my server

You can use an alternative config.ini file via command line arguments '"Superfighters Deluxe.exe" -server -config "full\path\to\config.ini"'. Set this up in a shortcut or a .bat file of your liking. The "-server" argument starts the server which doesn't require Steam to be running.
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I want the server to auto-start

You can auto start the server via command line arguments '"Superfighters Deluxe.exe" -server -start'. Add this to a shortcut or .bat file via autostart items. Add command line "-totray" to start the server minimized to the system tray.
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The first time setup is eternally stuck on my end.

If you get asked to launch the Steam client service choose not to start it.
"So when I start SFD (from steam). I get asked if I wanna launch the steam client service. but when I didn't, SFD launched! and the "first time setup" is been skipped."
See ... 294926180/
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I can't save / I can't create a profile

The game requires read and write access to your "/Documents/Superfighters Deluxe/" folder to be able to save correctly. Most likely your anti-virus program is blocking the game from updating and writing files to this folder.
See: ... 8818601775 ... 818643537/

You could also try to run Steam as administrator and see if it helps.
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"SFD has encountered a problem and needs to close" / The game won't launch.

"Superfighters Deluxe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." is from the OS, SFD can't be started at all. Or you may be getting other startup errors or the game won't start at all.

A file may have been corrupt or be missing from the installation. Verify your installation of Superfighters Deluxe first. In Steam you can do this by verifying game integrity of files.

You may also be missing a requirement or you need to repair some required software if the game won't start. Try to re-install or repair all of the required software, see Superfighters Deluxe Requirements
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Error: Could not load shader effect (00):
Failed to load XnaNative.dll. Please verify that you have the XNA Framework installed.

You're missing the XNA 4.0 framework in order to play the game. Try to re-install or repair the XNA 4.0 required software, see Superfighters Deluxe Requirements
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Game keep crashing on startup / SteamAPI_Init failed

This error indicates that the SteamAPI_Init function fails, which it can do under a few situations according to Steam's documentation:
- The Steam client isn't running. A running Steam client is required to provide implementations of the various Steamworks interfaces.
- Your application is not running under the same OS user context as the Steam client, such as a different user or administration access level.
- Ensure that you own a license for the App ID on the currently active Steam account. Your game must show up in your Steam library.

As developers, this is outside our control. We assume that Steam is installed correctly on a fully working windows copy running on intact hardware on the end user's computer. Try to re-install or repair all of the required software, see Superfighters Deluxe Requirements
Also see ... 294911931/
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Load error 126

System.Exception: LoadLibrary error: 126 for \Superfighters Deluxe\steamapi\x86\steam_api.dll

Error 126 indicate load dependecy failure from the steam_api.dll or a load failure in its dependency chain.
Without being able to replicate it try the following:

- Verify file integrity for Superfighters Deluxe.
- Try to restart your computer if you just installed Superfighters Deluxe.
- Make sure Steam is up-to-date (and Windows).
- Try to re-install or repair all of the required software, see Superfighters Deluxe Requirements

If it still fails you may have to reinstall Steam (We understand if you don't want to do that).

Some have solved "LoadLibrary error: 126" in other games by verifying driver installations or even reinstalling drivers. As we don't know the exact nature of your specific 126 error you will have to troubleshoot it yourself.

You can check your windows log files after load errors related to launching the game and see if it can give you a hint to what might be the cause. A driver that's out of date or something. This is just one of the first links that pops up in my search engine: ... and-events

Error 126 when loading the steam_api.dll seem to be happening to a few individuals.
See ... 294911931/
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Game doesn't look right, it's all blurry and strange colors.

It could be you're using a resolution that's not supported natively by your monitor, in which case the graphics card and/or monitor might try to compensate with some scaling algoritms which could introduce artifacts like smooth/blurry edges with artificial colors. It has been solved by some users by reinstalling windows.

See ... 3662686022
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Controller not detected

All controllers must be turned on and connected before starting the game or it won't be detected due to technical limitations in the controller input library we use.
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Controller detected but can't be used

Certain keyboards and mouses will add a "HUD-compliant game controller" in the device manager and can mess up some games (including Superfighters Deluxe). This may be a technical limitation in the input library we use. It will show up in the game controller list as a "USB Device". You can disable it in the device manager and the keyboard and mouse functionality is unaffected.

See comments in ... 1549482313
See ... 9776112?l=
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Controller is registering input for both player 1 and player 2.

Change KB_REDIRECT_UNUSED_CONTROLLERS_TO_P1=1 to KB_REDIRECT_UNUSED_CONTROLLERS_TO_P1=0 in your Documents/Superfighters Deluxe/config.ini file.

This happens because Steam can emulate additional controllers. For example if you have a PS4 controller it can be registered as a PS4 controller AND an emulated XBox 360 controller at the same time. The game will see 2 controllers being plugged in while in reality only the PS4 controller is plugged in. Pressing any button on the PS4 controller will also press the corresponding mapped button on the XBox 360 controller. The input library used in SFD will register the buttons on both the controllers as being pressed.
Any controller not bound to a player will control player 1 by default in SFD, and therefor player 1 will also move when you move around with player 2. Do disable unbound controllers controlling player 1 change KB_REDIRECT_UNUSED_CONTROLLERS_TO_P1=1 to KB_REDIRECT_UNUSED_CONTROLLERS_TO_P1=0 in your config.ini file.
See ... 660587183/

We might be able to improve this in future updates but for now you have to set KB_REDIRECT_UNUSED_CONTROLLERS_TO_P1 to 0.
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SFD Freezes sporadically when next map is loading

If you have SFD on a mechanical harddrive it could be the harddrive spinning down becoming idle - which usually takes a few seconds to spin up in case SFD needs to read some files from disk at some point (for example when loading a map).
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None of the above helped and the game still won't launch / crash during start

If it still fails to start it might be driver related issues or some other software incompatibility. To continue troubleshooting check windows report center after crashes and errors when starting Superfighters Deluxe.

This is just one of the first links that pops up in my search engine: ... and-events

As developers, we assume the end user have working hardware, a correctly installed Windows (Windows 7 or newer) that's up-to-date with up-to-date drivers installed, all prerequisite installed (done automatically when installing the game through Steam) and no corrupt files and that all BIOS settings are working correctly and no viruses causing trouble. It's all beyond our control. If you still can't launch the game we suggest you do a refund unless you want to spend time troubleshooting your unique situation.
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